The true story of how I discovered

​The single most reliable way to get unlimited traffic, create passive income, & instantly boost your profit by 500%

 ...Even if you're new or haven't done anything like this before...

This is a heavily discounted special offer
Because I want you to become a case study member of this small group

You won't believe how I went from scrubbing toilets to building an online empire that attracts nearly 4 million hits per month


I'll bet once you read every word of this page, you'll agree that this is the best deal you have ever seen in your entire life.


Listen, I know what it feels like when you're not getting the results you deserve...


Along with the heart-thumbing excitement, it can still be scary and confusing. 


You dream of what COULD be... you know it's possible for millions of people, so why not you too


...But you're not sure WHAT works, you don't know WHICH way to turn, and that can make your head SPIN...


It seems like you're being PULLED in a million different directions...


And it's hard to know WHO to trust... maybe you've already:

  • Jumped from one idea to the next (trying to find the 'magic bullet')
  • Wasted time on products that just end up being nothing but hype
  • Lost money with coaches that only let you down (with empty promises) 
  • Been afraid to take action incase you fail, make mistakes, or look stupid
  • Felt overwhelmed and confused (by the amount of sheer information) 

...But it's not your fault... there are SCAMMERS everywhere and some people are MASTERS at deception. They've built highly profitable careers out of it. 


​I've been there too, and that's why you're finally going to...

  • Stop "info overload" and feeling overwhelmed

    (and actually start focusing on what works)

  • Break the cycle of jumping from one idea to the next

    (and finally knuckle-down with a proven system that you know works)

  • End the fear of failure that's kept you frozen in place

    (and get the momentum you need to take massive action)

A fresh start

You can stop struggling and put all that behind you now

This is different.


You've seen my Youtube videos and you already know who I am. 


And you also know that THROWING around sketchy screenshots as "income proof" is an easy way to trick people


We both know it's sleazy... So I'm NOT going to do that.


Instead, let's ignore the hype as I walk you through the entire process of building a profitable website, even if you're new. 


I've made it into a simple science that anyone can do


Just COPY ME and you'll be in BUSINESS before you know it:

  • Build a real business that you can be proud of 

    (it's time to knuckle down and get serious about your income)

  • Watch over my shoulder and copy me in real time

    (and follow along with me step by step)

  • Start from scratch or improve your current site

    (learn how to get more traffic and convert it into profit)

  • Get up and running with a profitable website today

    (launch your first business in the next 2 hours)

Step by step training, group coaching & personal mentorship

It's everything you need to succeed

With my help you'll have a website that's profitable, FROM SCRATCH even if you've never done anything like this before.


I've made it super-simple and removed all the obstacles that once held you back.


And if you do have a website... then you're ALREADY half-way there.


With me there's no time-wasting, no filler or fluff, just a ROCK-SOLID education that will turn your site into a sales robot.


It's group coaching and video training from me personally where I walk you through EXACTLY what to do, even if you don't have a website or any experience. 

So what's the secret?

You only need 2 things to succeed online


    To have a profitable website you need to get visitors. I'll show you how it's done.


    You need to convert visitors into paying customers. I've made it easy to do. 

Once you know how to get traffic and sales, you can make as much money as you want.


If you follow my strategies and put in the work, you will get results

Focus on what gets results

Stop being distracted with shiny objects, and start getting the results you want

Ok, we both know all this sounds good, but why should you listen to a word I say?

Hi, my name is Mick Meaney.


And once upon a time I was a BROKE janitor who scrubbed school toilets for a living. 


Let me tell you a true story... 

Thinking back to what my life looked like...


...It was a living hell


Waking up at 6am every morning, bleary eyed and dragging myself to a job I hated. 


"Those toilets won't clean themselves!", my boss would shriek. 


...I didn't know which was worse; her relentless screeching in my ear, or the revolting smell. 


But how did I end up like this? At rock bottom. 


Once upon a time I had ambition, I had dreams.


It wasn't supposed to be this way. 


And I knew something had to change.


I could feel my potential bubbling away just under the surface, waiting to rise up and burst out. 


...So I spent months working on a new website. 


It was basic, but it was the start of something big.


And it changed EVERYTHING

I can't promise results like this, but I'll show you how it's done and the rest is up to you

Before long my hard work paid off and I finally:

  • Started making a full-time income online

  • Built a massively popular and influential website

  • Leveraged the biggest & most influential names in my niche

  • Discovered how to automate everything for passive income

  • Only worked the hours I want from the locations I like

  • Bought the perfect luxury city apartment that I always dreamed of

I'll show you simple tweaks that can BOOST your conversion rates

...Now, looking back...


And I can honestly say that starting an online business was the single smartest decision I ever made.


Now I feel the pride of being a good provider for my family, they're proud of me and give me the love and respect I deserve. 


And today online entrepreneurship is easier than it ever has been.


There's no tech stuff to worry about anymore.


And profiting online is now a simple science that ANYBODY can learn


It doesn't matter if you're brand new, or if you've been trying for a while but never made things 'click'.  


I'll show you how it's done.

Introducing The Vault

Exclusive Group Coaching For Entrepreneurs

You're in safe hands. 


When you join today you'll receive group coaching and exclusive marketing videos for people who are truly serious about growing their online business.


Inside, you will get:

  • Newbie friendly passive income methods. ($97 value)

    Get started the right way (and build a business your family can be proud of)

  • Organic traffic methods nobody is talking about. ($147 value)

    All popular websites do this (and get a legion of fans who admire and respect you)

  • Lightening-fast list building techniques. ($97 value)

    How to make every subscriber worth $1, per month (just imagine if you had 10,000 subscribers)

  • Quickly make products that sell themselves. ($147 value)

    Make products that deliver value to your niche (and are worth between $7 and $10,000 per sale)

  • Stealth persuasion techniques nobody else shares. ($97 value)

    Hypnotic, NLP and subliminal methods (for epic-high conversion rates) 

  • A private community of people just like you. ($397)

    Connect with other entrepreneurs (and get the inside scoop on the latest marketing techniques)

  • My personal help, encouragement and attention. ($997 value)

    Never worry about being stuck again (or get a swift kick up the backside when you need it)

The All-In-One System 

Increase your traffic, grow your audience, and boost your sales

Step 1: Increase your traffic

Student case study #1: Consistent free traffic, month after month

Imagine if you had traffic like this?

How would your life change with this?

  • Discover FREE traffic strategies

    (become popular and influential without a budget)

  • Learn the secret of VIRAL traffic

    (it's a simple formula but nobody shares it)

  • Get ultra-cheap clicks like a pro

    (get visitors who CRAVE your content)

Mick is one of the most honest marketers I’ve met...


If you want to actually see a return on your investment, this is for you.


Next, Mick is accessible. If you send him an email, you will get a timely response.

He could have easily charged $97 or more. You get his incredible storehouse of knowledge for a pittance.

This will save you years of frustration.

Instead of tricks, you get a real business model that anybody can implement.

I highly recommend this product because of the quality of the information and the integrity of the man teaching it.

Zach Waldman

Step 2: Grow your audience

Student case study #2: Rapid email list building

How often would you promote offers?

  • Skyrocket your TARGETED leads

    (slick ways to turn visitors into buyers)

  • Know EXACTLY what to say & how often to email

    (never worry about annoying your subscribers again)

  • Done for you COPY & PASTE campaigns

    (get better results without the guesswork)

This ACTUALLY delivers...


Mick has created an easy-to-digest product that will educate you in as short of time as possible.

A refined sales process, or learning how to do it, can take years of work in the sales and marketing field but this will educate you in as short of time as possible. 

It's packed with information that can REALLY make a difference to your future success in marketing.


Whether you've got your own product, or want to sell someone else's, this is what you need.
Definitely recommended!

Jojo Sumar

Step 3: Boost your sales

Student case study #3: Life changing conversion rates

What would a 500% income boost mean to you?

  • Done for you HIGH converting templates

    (just fill in the blanks and get the results you deserve)

  • New cutting-edge methods that make selling fun

    your buyers will ENJOY being sold to)

  • Controversial stealth persuasion techniques

    (no more grumpy and expensive copywriters)

First, Mick succeeded in making it EASY.

Secondly, Mick is killing some people's business by revealing their secrets.


This is just what one needs today to force site visitors to bring out their credit cards.


Quite frankly, I like the secret Mick reveals about bullets on sales pages.


Very juicy.


This is what most copywriters don't know.

Mick also reveals an incredibly powerful hypnotic technique that works perfectly.


Another unique feature is the fact that it's full of practical experiences. It's not just theory. 

Mick teaches his readers how to embedded irresistible commands on their sales pages.

I'm confident, if you apply this, you are going to remarkably help your conversion rate upward.


Yes, you can boost your income by 500%

Enstine Muki

The only training you'll ever need

No Matter What Stage You're At, You're About To Level-Up

Finally, you can STOP the merry-go-round of buying product after product, everything you need is already here.


Take a good look at everything that's available to you straight away. No fluff, no filler, no bait & switch. 


Just straight-up actionable content to help you move forward, step by step, plus all the help and support you could EVER need (because when you succeed it makes me look GREAT)!


Get exclusive group coaching that comes with a jam-packed library of videos that help you grow ANY stage of your online business, today, tomorrow, next week, it doesn't matter - I've always got your back. 


You get immediate access to all this, the instant you join:

    > A simple plan for same day start-up 
    (get up and running in 2 hours)


    > The 3 secrets ingredients to profit
    (most don't know this, but you will)


    > Find out where the money is online

    (stop guessing and start profiting)


    > Validate all your ideas
    (always know if they'll make money)


    > Identify your perfect customer
    (so you know what to sell them)

    > Get a never-ending supply of buyers
    (and grow a profitable business)




    > Get unlimited focus & motivation
    (so you get the work done)


    > Put an end to distractions 
    (and finally stop wasting time)


    > Instantly increase your productivity

    (prioritise the most important tasks)


    > Know which tasks to focus on
    (hint: it's the ones that make money)


    > Create a personal success roadmap 
    (and take the steps that achieve it)




    > Write your first ebook in 20 mins 
    (and make $7 - $47 per sale)


    > 10 elements that pull readers in
    (it turns them into repeat buyers)


    > How to make online courses

    (worth $47 - $2,997 per sale)


    > Start your own mastermind group
    (and make up to $10,000 per sale)


    > Learn the 2 types of masterminds 
    (know exactly what to do and say)


    > Create a 5 star experience
    (so tickets sell out immediately)




    > Controversial new techniques
    (how to use your superpowers for good)


    > Write high converting sales copy fast 
    (forget the theory, just do what works)


    > Get persuasive copy done for free
    (it's free, when you know where to look)


    > 3 done for you hypnotic statements

    (copy & paste your way to profit)

    > Powerful psychological triggers
    (that get people to take action)


    > Indoctrination techniques
    (for instant bonding, trust & sales)


    > How to profit from fear
    (and present your offer as the cure)


    > Cult-level brainwashing revealed
    (and how to protect yourself from it)


    > Hijack decision making biases
    (influence thoughts and feelings)


    > Down & dirty NLP techniques
    (make people feel good about buying)




    > What I'm most embarrassed about
    (you'll learn from my mistakes)


    > My personal thoughts and fears 
    (the truth about entrepreneurship)


    > The weird niche that changed my life
    (I've never revealed this before)



  • 100% POINT & CLICK

    > Launch a website in seconds 
    (it only takes 2 clicks this way)


    > Create a business email address
    (that makes you look like a pro)


    > The right way to track what works

    (so you can do more of it)


    > Get free promo on social media
    (and start building your following)


    > How to get dirt cheap traffic 
    (get more sales while saving money)




    > Discover the 5 market segments
    (and how to profit from each of them)


    > Quickly build profitable funnels 
    (simple ones work the best)


    > Learn the quick way to build trust
    (so people want to give you money)


    > Turn visitors into happy customers

    (even if you dislike the idea of selling)

    > Automated systems for an easy life
    (pour traffic in, watch money come out)




    > Get organic traffic for free
    (simple methods anyone can use)


    > Leverage influencers & leaders 
    (borrow their credibility for yourself)


    > Get free traffic from social media
    (put yourself in front of your audience)


    > Automate social media posting

    (and build your follow on autopilot)

    > Learn the secret of viral traffic
    (take your business to the next level)




    > Legally use other people's content 
    ​(so they're actually thankful to you for it)


    > 7 types of content you need to know 
    (you only need 1 of them)


    > the 5 metrics you need to know 
    (everything else is just noise) 


    > Capture the attention of your market
    (and get them to open their wallets)


    > Build an audience of buyers  
    (the people who spend like crazy)


    > Discover the content people crave

    ​(and how to give them what they want)




    > The art of smart upselling  
    (it's easier to sell to existing buyers)


    > 2 advanced upselling techniques
    (new ways to position your products)


    > A simple profit boosting structure
    (just do this and get money)


    > How to trigger impulse purchases

    (get rapid sales faster)


    > The easiest sale in the world
    (how buying just feels right)


    > 7 secrets to evergreen profit
    (nobody else talks about this)

    > 6 unique ways to close any deal
    (works both online and offline)


    > Start making sales fun for buyers
    (perfect for people who dislike selling)


    > Why marketers stop selling too soon
    (and leave lots of money on the table)



That's everything you might ever need. 


And it means you can jump straight in and just focus on the areas you need help with right now


Here's what one of my students has to say...

Mick, this is the most comprehensive resource for training I have ever discovered in my years on-line.


And there are many other gems to be uncovered.


Your videos are incredibly helpful and direct.


Even someone starting out will learn all the essentials.


And you continuously add to the knowledge of Marketers who already have developed skills.


I have a bit of experience with Internet Marketing and I discovered a ton of insights and knowledge. 


I recommend Profit CoPilot for a new Internet Marketer as well as someone who has experience. 


As the name implies: you are the CoPilot, Mick. You put your members in the driver’s seat, but you are right with there with them, to help and assist with any problems or issues. 


I can recommend this without hesitation or reservation.

Albert Grande

You've never seen anything like this

It's everything you need, all in one place, with all the support you want

​I've taken away ALL the hassle of starting an online business, condensed and streamlined everything.


You’re getting the EXACT framework that I’m personally using in my own business, so you know it works.


I’m not just telling you what to do. I’m personally showing you exactly HOW to do it.


That means you'll get the results you want even faster, and that's what's REALLY important here; the RESULTS you get


You won't need to worry about the usual stuff that has held you back, now that you've got:
  • Easy to learn system: It works because it's 'copy & paste' simple 

    There's nothing technical or complicated to do

  • Results orientated tasks: Only the stuff that works, no theory 

    Cut straight to the action-steps and get the results you want

  • Simple strategy: That works for everybody 

    Just follow my instructions, put in the work, and reap the rewards

  • You don't need to have an email list, a following or an army of affiliates

    You can start from scratch and get up and running today

  • You get my personal attention: Get all the hand-holding you want 

    Post as many questions as you want inside the members area, I'll answer them all

With so much value, what's the catch?

It's no secret that with an offer THIS good there's always a catch.


Ok, here's the deal; I need more case study examples to plaster all over THIS page - I want dozens of glowing testimonials, all raving about how great this is (but I won't pressure you for one). 


So far my students have seen amazing results and I want you to join them, and many of them have recouped their investment almost straight away within a few days.


Once I'm happy that I have enough case study's, and thinking about the consistent, LONG TERM results my students get, the price WILL at least double - and without warning...


Which is still an absolute bargain... so don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to get your first PROFITABLE business online for a fraction of the cost that everyone else pays.

Many of these techniques are new...


I can't believe all the things put into this. It means less saturation and more money.

Ivan Zhang

Mick has revealed his secrets.


This is rare, it's a must.


If you miss it, you are going to miss out on tons of potential cash.

Udit Goenka

Pick this up and start making money fast...


This is HUGELY under-priced. 


Mick lays it all out step by step.

Rick Macaulay

But is this right for you?

This isn't for some people

Look, this isn't for everybody...


And you're free to walk away now because this not for get rich quick people or people who don't want to put any effort in.


So if you're still reading, you probably see HOW this will benefit you..


And I've made sure that you're going to succeed this time because I’m giving you the tried and tested format that JUST WORKS.


With my proven methods you get exactly what YOU NEED for consistent and predictable income.


Just listen to what my students have to say and then decide for yourself...

Worth every penny...


Great support, fast response before I bought and fast after. A rare find. Mick is the real deal.


Also one of the most honest business plans I have ever seen that will ACTUALLY work.


A rare find these days.

Matthew Payne

This is one of the best.


Already my brain is thumping with new ideas I can't wait to implement into my sales copy! 

I've read at least a dozen print books, and even more ebooks, on copywriting ... this is one of the best.


Mick spells out some excellent psychological tactics, and puts it into easy-to-digest chunks that make it easy to understand. 

Thanks Mick!

Dennis Gaskill

It should be almost illegal to teach this. 

This breaks down the anatomy of a sales letter better than any book or course that I've EVER read on the subject, and I've read plenty of them!

Some of the persuasion secrets that he shares, will probably piss off some of the guru's in the industry.


I mean I don't want to start dropping names, but you will KICK YOURSELF IN THE BUTT if he closes this offer and you didn't buy it! It's that good!

I chatted on Skype with Mick and he shared some nuggets with me about a project that I'm working on.


He is very approachable, and obviously knows his stuff.

Join this and learn from this "Master" while you have the chance! If not, you'll be sorry!

Excel Fields

My first thought; in setting the price this low, Mick doesn't realize just how good his own stuff is.


Then I got it.

He's almost giving this away to make it accessible to everyone, and in doing so, Mick eliminates the biggest excuse which separates those who are making money by doing IM, from those who are making nothing as they watch the game (and their lives) go by by from the sidelines: their inability to take action and make the decision to be a player instead of a spectator.

A quote from inside that is dead on the money:

"All you have to do is watch my videos and point and click your mouse when I do."

Thats all there is to it.

Now you have no excuses left, right? Right.
So see you in the money circle...

Brian Walshe

I was VERY impressed at the emphasis on being honest.

Mick comes across as a normal and intelligent guy.


There is no trace of 'hype' in his videos. It feels like he is talking directly to you.


All in all this is definitely a MUCH better product than many I have seen.


It does contain a significant amount of solid, useful information - presented in a clean, professional manner.

Deborah Richardson

I give this a score of 5 stars out of 5.


Mick describes to the T everything you have to do to influence and persuade prospects effectively in order to turn them into your loyal customers and explains why this works so well.

I highly recommend his recipes to inexperienced marketers and even to the more advanced ones having trouble with their copywriting and conversions.

Mick's content is clear and is easy to understand.

Tommy Urbanek



Amazing detailed step by step process.

I'm blown away. 

This is a complete blueprint from A to Z, that can turn your life around 360ºc financially.

This will teach you how to become a REAL Internet Marketer and make those sales we all need!


I love the way everything is explained in a manner everybody can understand.


So even if you have no experience this is for YOU.

Please do not hesitate to join as it will probably be the best choice you have ever made!

I have bought, tested, reviewed many products and this really is the BEST one.


5 stars, and 2 thumbs up!

Luisa Orum

Easy to follow and practical.


I'm highly impressed by Mick's lightning-fast response to my questions, and his suggestions.


I've got no excuse now. Off to work I go.

All the best to ya Mick.

Michael Newman

Regardless of your current skills and experience, this will help you.


Unlike others, Mick's training also contains workbooks, checklists that help you to get the right mindset and focus.

Every word to describe the content of this would be an understatement.


Even with authors like Joe Sugarman and Joe Vitale in mind, Mick manages to add value by focussing on the entire thought process (yours and the customer's) when making sales online.

(I could write more words here, but I really want to get back to Mick's training and make money now).

Hans Gold

So how much does all this cost?

It's less than you think

Let's face it, if you use just ONE of these methods, then you've already RECOUPED your investment, many times over. 
So how much does all this cost?
First, I want to give you all the "guru secrets", so you can level the playing field.
It's about time the little guy gets a fair chance, for a change. 
So I'm tipping the odds in your favour, with many new methods that I've personally developed (these cannot be found anywhere else - ONLY inside The Vault). 
With all this actionable content that's proven to work, you're probably expecting to see a hefty price tag. And that's what most of the greedy guru's would do.
But you already know I'm not like them.
Even if my students often tell me I'm crazy for not charging at least $249 per month for access (and you'd still be getting an outrageous deal at that price). 
But I'm not going to ask you for anywhere near that.
I know you're smart enough to spot a real bargain when you see it. 
​I also know that you want a business that's profitable.
To make it happen your site needs to become popular and influential.
You also need to know what words to use, in the right order, to convert your visitors into buyers. 
I will show you how to do that too. 
Because when you know how, you will be thankful everyday for the rest of your life.





per month

$99 per month you save 70%



per year

$1499 per year you save 70%



one time

$2999 you save 70%

Secure 256 Bit Military Level Encryption

But when this offer is gone, it's gone! 
Join now and be grandfathered in at this price

You will never experience a price increase
(and when everyone else pays 3X more you'll still only pay today's price)


Ask yourself, what will happen if you don't grab this right now?


Besides missing out on a 'never to be repeated' offer, absolutely NOTHING will happen.


And that's the problem!


Nothing will change, you'll still be in your current position and still looking for a solution


It's up to you to decide to make a positive change, nobody is going to force you to grab this opportunity with both hands, it has to be your call.


You got questions? I got answers

Are there upsells?

I only ever offer upsells to COMPLETELY SEPARATE programs - everything you see on a sales page is always included for the price you pay.


No hidden surprises!

Do I need additional investment?

Is this up to date for this year?

How soon can I see results? 

What if I get stuck or need help?


Disclaimer: While we make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent all the products and services on this website and their potential for income, it should be noted that every business is different and results are only dependant on your commitment to consistently working on your business, and there is no guarantee. You accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual. All copyrights, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights in and on our website and all content and software located on the site shall remain the sole property of Profit Copilot or its licensors. The use of our trademarks, content and intellectual property is forbidden without the express written consent from Profit Copilot. All sales are final. By purchasing you agree to the Terms of Service.